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Overall Rating
"The driver was great and I had no issues at all with him, he even arrived early, the booking experience was OK until I tried to contact Swift Cabs to ensure my booking had been made and their telephone number was not working; I had a very sleepless night worrying that a taxi would not turn up! The price was very high also and despite your website saying a receipt would be emailed to me I was told by your rep. that I would not receive one and this has left me in a difficult position reclaiming the money from my employer!"  on 17-Jan-2018
"-"  on 11-Dec-2017
"Great car & good conversation! Merry Christmas"  on 11-Dec-2017
"Excellent service. Very pleased that driver could pick us up earlier than had been booked on return journey. Thank you"  on 23-Oct-2017
"very pleased with the booking and the driver."  on 17-Oct-2017

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Testimonials Average rating is 3.8/5 based on 138 reviews

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AUGUSTIN MOINAT  on 01-Feb-2018 Verified Rider "Everything was nice until I had lo leave a comment. It wouldn't let me just give stars. Also you cannot give 0 stars, so the whole thing is biased."
G SMITH  on 17-Jan-2018 Verified Rider "The driver was great and I had no issues at all with him, he even arrived early, the booking experience was OK until I tried to contact Swift Cabs to ensure my booking had been made and their telephone number was not working; I had a very sleepless night worrying that a taxi would not turn up! The price was very high also and despite your website saying a receipt would be emailed to me I was told by your rep. that I would not receive one and this has left me in a difficult position reclaiming the money from my employer!"
CHANATPORN SONGPRASERTCHAROEN  on 11-Jan-2018 Verified Rider "The taxi didn't come."
FEDERICA JORIO  on 21-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "The taxi did not show up, and the service was not in able to quickly cancel, send another taxi or even clarify who/where the driver was or how the booking went. Congratulation on losing a client forever, or more if I get to advise some friends."
OLIVIER GUILLARD  on 11-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "-"
DAVID BULLEY  on 11-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Great car & good conversation! Merry Christmas"
ALBERTO OLIVEIRA  on 09-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Was a shit off experience never again in my life!!!!!!!!! "
GRAHAM HODGE  on 28-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "Driver arrived early and waited for me to get ready, direct to location with no problem. Great Service."
PETER TIPPING  on 23-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent service. Very pleased that driver could pick us up earlier than had been booked on return journey. Thank you"
CHRISTEL NORD  on 17-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "very pleased with the booking and the driver."
ALISON PARRY  on 14-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "I booked snd paid for the taxi online amd then you sent me a text woth the taxi firm number. They said they do not use internet booking anymore and I had to book and pay cash for a new taxi....?????? SCAM????,"
TREVOR LYON  on 06-Oct-2017 General Feedback "£24 for a £8 journey. Unable to make contact with the company. On the day found the taxi had been cancelled. Still trying to make contact with the company which is an Agent for booking taxis."
ROBERT COOPER  on 05-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "The service was punctual and very efficient but the vehicle was uncomfortable for a 15+ mile journey."
RONALD CHAVE  on 29-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "My niece and I enjoyed a safe and comfortable journey from Coventry to Fillongley. The following day I had an equally pleasant journey back to Coventry under the care of a friendly chatty driver. My thanks to all concerned."
THOMAS MELHAM  on 29-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Car was late."
LAURA QIU  on 27-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Good."
CHARLI GRAHAM  on 20-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "I brought forward this taxi, they where great only the cost was £10 more than it cost on the meter! How can you justify this cost! "
MEGAN COLLETT  on 14-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "I'm disappointed with with the service. I called up 4 times to try and get my booked and payed for taxi to come earlier as the wedding had finished early than I thought. I had no answer, so I ended up paying for aother taxi . I then received a phone call once I was already at home asking where I was. I'd already sent a text cancell6ing and asking for a refund and I had no reply. I would like a refund please for your poor phone service.. Thank you Megan. "
CHRIS LACEY  on 30-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Great service "
DARRIN SINCLAIR  on 28-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Only comment is that the fee for this was high, the charge the online service have is almost the cost of the trip itself, so not sure i would use it again simply due to this. Is this fair on the taxi driver themselves, and should we be paying over the odds for this service or the convenience of it."
MARTIN RYAN  on 22-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "You claim to meet planes on arrival. We arrived and saw no taxi. we called and were told that it would arrive in 5-10 minutes. 30 minutes later we were getting into our cab. Really bas customer service . Next time we will get a cab from the rank. "
BARBARA RAQUEL DA COSTA NEVES  on 22-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Perfect! It arrived 3 minutes before the time, the driver was really kind a the jourmey was quick!"
ALISON HUGHES  on 20-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "The taxi picking us up from Coventry train station was late. The taxi driver on the return journey asked me if I was paying him in cash, I explained that I had already paid and wouldn't be paying him. He then spent time checking with his office that I had paid and we had to ask him to carry on with the journey as we had a train to catch. Booking the taxis was straightforward. Once in the taxi the journeys were fine but I did not appreciate having to have a discussion about how I was going to pay when I had already paid."
CHITRAKUMAR THILAKAN  on 20-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Cab Driver waited for me for the late train arrival and picked me up. It was indeed perfect sign of your good Service. "
SALLY TYSON  on 17-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Booked taxi to pick up my Grandchildren and their babysitter. Arrived on time excellent service and no worrying if they had enough money. Will use again "
NICOLE WESTCOTT  on 15-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "I was a bit apprehensive as not used the website before but everything was brilliant.. I was even able to adjust the time without any problems "
BERNARD C G REMAN  on 13-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "My driver was really friendly, and was more than on time which is very appreciated. I just wish my driver knew I had paid my cab online as it felt a bit uncomfortable to see the counter was on, kind of charging for a journey I had already paid for. No blame at all though. He did a great job."
OLIVIER GUILLARD  on 01-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "."
STEVE HOULTBY  on 16-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "TEverything was excellent from the call centre to the drivers. We would definitely recommend in future."
JADE  on 14-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "the taxi arrived exactly on time, driver was very pleasant and helpful, we reached our destination in good time. Very pleased overall. "
BRIAN HAM  on 13-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "Driver was very cheerful and helpful. I was disappointed about the card charge fee of £2.50. If I had known about it I would have paid by debit card. Is it obvious on the booking site? I just didn't spot it."
SHELLEY DOUGLAS  on 10-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "Absolutely brilliant service! First time I'd used it and will definitely do so again. Was so easy from beginning to end. Turned up on time and we were even able to adjust the journey beforehand to add another person and drop off. Taxi driver was great. Superb service. Thank you!"
ALEXIA CHAUVET  on 27-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "All good"
JOHN VALE  on 25-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent driver arrived on time helped me in as I am blind overall a good service"
WILL REEVES  on 06-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "Good service"
PAUL HAMMOND  on 03-Apr-2017 Verified Rider "not cheap - but a horrible hour - bang on time- prompt clean quick and polite will book regularly"
KATHARINA LEFRINGHAUSEN  on 18-Mar-2017 Verified Rider "Very happy with the service! Quick drive, reliable, good price."
LYNNE THOMPSON  on 26-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Our second time of using this service and once again, we were very pleased and impressed."
TONY BLAKE  on 10-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "Really impressed with the service. Information about the driver and his ETA were excellent. Communication with the driver to get the exact location was perfect. Both drivers were really friendly. Overall a brilliant experience and I will definitely use TAXICODE again. "
ELEANOR TURNER  on 09-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "As ever, prompt and helpful"
ANTONIA HASENAUER  on 09-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "He showed up 45 minutes too early but that's obviously so much better than too late and the central office handled it really well and it was there when I needed it"
PAUL PHILLIPS  on 01-Jan-2017 Verified Rider "very professional and helpful"
EMMA LYTTLE  on 27-Dec-2016 Verified Rider "As always an excellent service."
DAVID PRICE  on 18-Dec-2016 Verified Rider " drivers were very punctual and polite i would not hesitate to use your services again."
JACKIE CONSTABLE  on 28-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "My return taxi had a different number plate to that given in the text message. The driver confirmed my name, and knew the registration plate expected, said he had changed car and apologised."
BRUCE WATSON  on 06-Nov-2016 Verified Rider "Excellent service, and looked out for us ,saying to stay inside and tried to phone us several times to say he was on his way! Would reccomend this service and definitely the driver we had."
MANDI LEWIS  on 21-Oct-2016 Verified Rider "Excellent Service - very efficient, on time and smooth. Thank you! most definitely recommend and use again! :)"
ANNET DE KONING  on 18-Oct-2016 General Feedback "Dear madam, sir, I would like to contact you by e-mail. What is the e-mail address? Thanks, Annet de Koning Carlson Wagonlit Travel M&E."
ANNET DE KONING  on 18-Oct-2016 General Feedback "Dear madam, sir, I would like to contact you by e-mail. What is the e-mail address? Thanks, Annet de Koning Carlson Wagonlit Travel M&E."
SUET KEEM TAN  on 27-Aug-2016 Verified Rider "We actually ordered an Estate, but instead a normal black cab came, so what we get didn't really match what we actually expected out of our booking."
VICTORIA TURNER  on 24-Aug-2016 Verified Rider "Apart from having to ask the driver for help with putting the suitcase in the Taxi, everything was perfect. We will certainly use your service again. We will also recommend it to our friends. "
EMMA LYTTLE  on 16-Aug-2016 Verified Rider "This was the first time we used your service. We will certainly use it again."
BOURNE  on 15-Aug-2016 General Feedback "Made a booking a week before the 5th August the required date for our Taxi. A return journey of 6 miles cost over £35 to have it turn up 15mins late to take the 6 of us the 3 miles and our prepaid return arrived 1 hour late and go hijacked when it did turn up by a group who thought it's ok to threaten 5 out of the 6 in our party who were OAP's. Would not use this way to book a taxi AGAIN!!!!!!!!!"
WOJCIECH ZEMAN  on 03-Aug-2016 Verified Rider "I was waiting to 10 past 5am. and the taxi driver didn't show up. I was forced to take a new one . I will never use your company again ."
NOVA MANCINI  on 07-Jul-2016 Verified Rider "We needed to use your services to go to a very important appointment. The driver was on time. The issues I have are number one the price it was very expensive and number two I do not appreciate the driver sending a friends request to my partner via Facebook she has told me this made her feel uncomfortable. "
IAN PRICHARD  on 17-Jun-2016 Verified Rider "Great"
CHARLES MEERING  on 27-Apr-2016 Verified Rider "Driver arrived slightly early and was polite throughout the journey. Would definitely use this service again based on this trip."
PAUL PHILLIPS  on 24-Mar-2016 Verified Rider " when I rang at 1235 was told the booking was not on the system and they had to find a 6 seater the taxi turned up after 1pm the driver we had was excellent but we were left hanging around in the street from 1230 to gone 1pm so not too happy"
SCOTT STEELE  on 21-Jan-2016 Verified Customer "Good"
RAY  on 19-Jan-2016 Verified Rider "Excellent service.. Many thanks"
NEIL ROBERTS  on 29-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "For the outward journey the taxi was an hour late. When I rang the taxi firm you passed the booking on to they initially insisted there was no journey booked. When pressed they went and checked on your site and found the booking you had taken but realised it had not been entered/transferred to their booking system. The taxi arrived quickly then and the driver was very professional but nevertheless the passenger was late. I appreciate this was no fault of Taxicode whose system seems to have worked perfectly well but of the carrier you passed the booking on to."
ROZ SMITH  on 21-Dec-2015 Verified Rider "Time keeping was excellent - in fact they were too early on both journeys and kept texting or calling me even though i explained that some of the passengers had been held up at work and or traffic. The outward journey was horrendous it was like being in a rally - very erratic driving. The return journey was a nightmare! The driver would not communicate - i was trying to establish if the other vehicles to take the group was coming; but he either could not understand English enough to communicate or just didn't want to. He had his mobile phone on his lap and his earpiece in. He was repeatedly asked to check with base if the other drivers were on the way. This caused a great deal of confusion and upset with my colleagues who just wanted to get back to the hotel. The journey itself was awful - he got lost!!!!!!! Once this became apparent we tried to guide him with the use of sat nav but again he did not appear to be listening and as a consequence was swerving all over the road indecisively and erratically, taking wrong turns and driving dangerously. It was not a pleasant experience at all. He was sweating profusely and completely un-nerved us all. Was he just very nervous and embarrassed at getting lost or was he under the influence? A question raised by fellow passengers. One of my colleagues who is usually very calm got quite frustrated and angry at the entire situation and was very eager to leave the vehicle. I would certainly NOT use your company again or recommend you - quite the contrary. A frightening and extremely bad experience. I am embarrassed to have booked your services for myself and my colleagues."
WAETSI NYA YUSUFU  on 10-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "Very fast to book and it saves time and energy."
ANN SALMON  on 05-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "Very easy thanks "
PAUL TAYLOR  on 04-Dec-2015 Verified Customer "Good"
LEE DRINKWATER  on 25-Nov-2015 Verified Rider "Didn't arrive at all. Called after they were 15 mins late and they had booked the wrong day!! Asked for a refund and called another company and got it £5 cheaper. What a waste of time..."
TIA MOORE  on 19-Nov-2015 Verified Customer "Very easy to book with good price!"
JENNIFER GREEN  on 15-Nov-2015 Verified Rider "On our arrival at Coventry railway station the taxi was waiting for us and the journey to Stoneleigh Park was excellent. Our return taxi was booked for 5.30 to get us back to the station to catch our train back to Macclesfield. After two phone calls from myself the taxi finally arrive at 6pm (not the fault of the driver who had only just been given the job). Fortunately our train was slightly delayed and were still able to catch it. I had pre booked and prepaid (paying a lot more than the price displayed in the taxi) and was extremely disappointed with the service given."
SHOHAN SEN  on 13-Nov-2015 Verified Customer "A little overpriced, but for convenience, it is worth it"
GILES HOPE  on 13-Nov-2015 Verified Rider "Could do with being about half the price!"
BRETT PHILLIPS  on 10-Nov-2015 Verified Rider "Taxi was booked and pre-paid for 1.15 am. Driver was early, called at 1.10am, but I could not answer due to noise at venue. Driver just left and took another fair!!!!!!! I had to call, argue hard, point out that I had prepaid, and finally another taxi was available. The driver thought this all very funny!!!! I will not use again."
GILES HOPE  on 28-Oct-2015 Verified Customer "V easy & quick"
FARKRAH SHUJAAT  on 20-Oct-2015 Verified Rider "Arrived 30 mins late as taxicode did not confirm the job with them till 15 mins before the arrival time. "
M. WASIM  on 05-Jul-2015 General Feedback "Very friendly service. Usually use Lewis Taxis by calling the number and easy to book when I have no cash so can just pay by card."
STUART CAVANAGH  on 18-May-2015 Verified Rider "Easy to use service but upon arriving at the destination, i was shocked as was the driver, to see that the fare on the meter was £13.00 compared to the £23.49 i had been charged! The car booking was a saloon car and a Hackney carriage turned up. "
DICKSON LOO  on 01-Apr-2015 Verified Rider ""
PAUL PHILLIPS  on 19-Mar-2015 Verified Rider "Pickup: 5 Fosseway Road, Coventry Destination: Warwick Racecourse, Hampton Street, Warwick Passengers: 06 Date: Wednesday 18th March 2015 12:30:00 Return: Wednesday 18th March 2015 17:50:00 Vehicle: MPV x 1 Distance: 20 miles we rang at 1240 was told on way arrived 1245.when we got in he asked for directions or postcode to warwick races asked if he collecting us 550 he said didn't know we rang at 6 told 2 min away rang 610 told on way arrived 615 was same driver I said your late again he said no abut right time and could call office he was rude said was traffic and I would see on way back to Coventry we got back in 15 mins no traffic worries if I book for certain times I expect to be within a few mins not make out I was wrong and didn't even say sorry "
HELEN WETTON  on 16-Mar-2015 Verified Rider "The only reason I have downgraded the number of stars was that the taxi driver, despite having the address in advance, was unable to find the road until we had driven around for some time. Granted we were going to a bowls club and the entrance was difficult to find, but he kept asking us where the road was. Obviously we didn't know thats why we booked a taxi. It was a suprise bday party and we were nearly too late. Having said that the driver arrived early and at the correct address to take us home so our journey home was much quicker and less stressful. I found using the online system much more convenient as I could enter all the information I needed and also pay upfront which saved all the hassle of having to have cash. I would definitely use this again. Thank you."
PENNY MAGUIRE  on 20-Feb-2015 Verified Customer "Very easy booking process. "
DAVE HUGHES  on 15-Dec-2014 Verified Rider "Driver was on his phone during the journey there; was late picking us up; rang the office who said he'd been trying to call me, which he hadn't; was told he was 2 mins away, which he wasn't; rang back 15 mins later, spoke to driver who was putting fuel in ( on his phone at petrol station), he asked me how to get to where I was...; I had to walk to the petrol station to find him; he didn't know how to get to where I'd just come from (Bar 87); not enough character spaces left for rest of problems"
LISA TRUSLOVE  on 07-Dec-2014 Verified Rider "All went well "
SHAUL DAKAR  on 29-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "Excelent service, friendly and professional driver"
SHAUL DAKAR  on 27-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "OK Evrery "
SHAUL DAKAR  on 26-Nov-2014 Verified Customer "Came 15 min late"
FRANCE LEONARD  on 26-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "Could be a bit less expensif :)"
SHAUL DAKAR  on 26-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "The Driver wasn't aware that it was a prepaid travel"
TERENCE STEPHENSON  on 15-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "as the ratings indicate, time, driver etc were fine, but the booking was for a MPV and a black cab turned up.not what we paid for."
WILLIAMS  on 15-Nov-2014 General Feedback "Very poor service, taxi 25 mins late night staff really rude late for airport would not use again."
CRISTINA KERBALEK-DIMA  on 06-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "Everything all right"
ELIZABETH MARY SHADFORTH  on 03-Nov-2014 Verified Rider "The taxi did not turn up. I phoned when they were 30 minutes late and they said there was no booking. They phoned later to say that they had found the booking and would send a taxi but by that time we had obtained another taxi. I therefore request a full refund"
GAYLE GOODWIN  on 02-Nov-2014 General Feedback "Taxi was booked for Saturday 6 pm from The Oak in Baginton. A very helpful lady dealt with the enquiry. The lady who took the booking wasn't as helpful. The taxi didn't turn up at 6 pm. When we chased where this was we were told on Mill Hill. At 6.15 pm we had no alternative but to leave - drive ourselves to our destination. They then phoned me to say that they wouldn't be sending another taxi as we weren't there. Very poor customer service. We won't be using you again or recommending."
MARIE LOZANO  on 02-Oct-2014 Verified Rider "Great service, thanks!"
B BOOTSMA  on 24-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "well done ! see you next time."
WILLIAM DAVID ROGERS  on 24-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "useless the child had to be carried on her mothers lap!!. Due to the time scale and the early morning departure I agreed to this unsatisfactory arrangement . The driver apologised and assured me that for the return journey the correct seat would be available .how wrong can you be !!. Same seat but this time it was not attached to the vehicle seat,but was actually on the floor of the vehicle!. Pretty poor show all round will not use this company again. MR W Rogers on 24 September 2014"
MRS MONICA KNIGHTS  on 02-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "Thank you for the service we received. We were pleased with all aspects of the service The drivers were especially nice, friendly and polite"
MICHAEL DONNELLY  on 01-Sep-2014 Verified Rider "The outward pickup from home to Birmingham Airport was on time and very good in all aspects. The return proved to be poor. The Taxi turned up 1/2 hour late after two phone calls to your dispatch. The driver needs to improve on his ability to communicate. I had the impression that a meet and greet would be in-place for the return! Compared to the service I received in Portugal. UK taxi service needs to improve dramatically."
MARK MUNCASTER  on 25-Aug-2014 Verified Rider "I paid extra for a transit van and only got a combo van which was a terrible squeeze. Will I get the extra I paid for the larger vehicle back. I bet I don't!!!"
CARL POUND  on 07-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "Booked and paid in advance expecting to get a normal, hassle free journey with 2 kids to the godiva festival but what we got was appalling.30 mins late pickup and 40 mins late on return on the Friday. We complained and got promissed it wouldn't happen again. surprise surprise, on Saturday it was worse ! It wasn't fair on our children or us! We missed a few bands playing that we wanted to see!We wouldn't book another taxi online again, it's so much easier to book one when you get there. "
PAUL SALMON  on 06-Jul-2014 Verified Rider "The only issue was 2 cars were sent for each pickup, the 5 series bmw that I ordered and a 7 seater cab"
MRS MONICA KNIGHTS  on 27-Jun-2014 Verified Customer "I would have liked the facility to block book to save money on each booking costing me a fee for using a credit card. I tried phoning but the line was continually engaged. Having tried nearly all day to do so had to resort to booking on line 3 times to get the block booking I needed"
NATHAN REEVES  on 16-Jun-2014 Verified Customer "SPEEDY EASY TO USE"
CHUISSE  on 12-Jun-2014 Verified Customer "Easy to use "
PAUL PHILLIPS  on 23-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "had to call for return journey to see where car was as 45 mins late "
MR NEIL BRADFORD  on 07-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "on time on journey out but left stranded on return journey waiting until 15.55 at the airport! "
MR. A RICHARDSON  on 06-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "The outward journey to Leamington from Coventry was excellent. The driver turned up exactly on time at 19.10. However, we were very disappointed that the driver for the return journey was almost 25 minutes late and had to phone me to find out where the restaurant was - even though on the booking I had given the post code and street number address. So, I'm afraid this was pretty disappointing. If he was going to be so late he could have at least called earlier to let us know."
RICHARD MADELEY  on 04-Mar-2014 Verified Rider "Driver was 15 minutes late so we missed our train."
RICHARD MADELEY  on 11-Feb-2014 Verified Rider "No confirmation, i called the number advertised and the number didn't work. I tweeted you to ask for a confirmation - no reply. I was phoned just before my train arrived. When i said i would be another 5 minutes, instead of waiting, my taxi was cancelled and another was sent instead. This meant 20-minute delay when my train was only 3 mins late. The return journey was on time, but the cab was filthy and smelled strongly of cigarette smoke. I won't be using this service again."
JOANNA LOWNDES  on 22-Jan-2014 Verified Rider "Everything was brilliant. I think the journey was a bit expensive though. I got a cheaper one back."
SHARON VEITCH  on 20-Jan-2014 Verified Customer "Website so easy to use and competitive prices. I will update once I've been collected and back home"
ANDY HOWELLS  on 09-Jan-2014 Verified Rider "Booked taxi for 08:00. Taxi did not turn up and no phone call/message from the company. Attempted to phone 46 times between 07:55 and 08:35 but line always constantly engaged. Eventually the taxi firm phoned back at 09:00 asking where I was. Got extremely wet and annoyed. Had to spend £40 on another taxi to get home. Now have the fun of trying to get a refund!"
PAUL STEVENS  on 31-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "Arrived on time. Driver Good, however whilsts its only a small amount of money I object to having to pay for the drop off in the car park, the cash of which I gave to the driver...that needs to be made clear."
CATHY WIDDOWS  on 23-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "The service was very poor. 7 of the colleagues were left at the hotel and weren't collected. When the drivers arrived they did not know where they were going ! i shall not be using this service again. "
IAN  on 12-Dec-2013 General Feedback "Go to A2b Cars and ask for a quote from CV32 5PZ to B903QF and you get £26. You quote £63 ?????"
MISS SHARON LEVEY  on 05-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "First taxi 25 mins late. Second 40 mins late. Both occasions I rang several times and was told the car was '2 mins away'. Total lies. Very frustrating. Will never be using you again and will share my experience with colleagues and friends."
ANTONI LADWINIEC  on 02-Dec-2013 Verified Rider "I booked for 07:15 as we had to catch a coach at 08:00. I rang at 07:25 as the taxi hadn't arrived - was informed, after some confusion and being cut off, that the booking had been recorded by mistake for 08:15. A taxi did eventually arrive and got us there just in time but I'm not very happy and would be very reluctant to make any further bookings using this service. Your comments would be appreciated."
EMMA  on 23-Nov-2013 Verified Rider "The taxi was booked for a certain time. I then got a phone call from the driver saying he would be 5 minutes last as he was having a coffee! As I had a train to catch I couldn't afford to wait this long, so I had to jump in another taxi to make sure I was on time! I personally don't think this is on, as the driver should have put his passengers as priority!!"
ADAM LEEDER  on 15-Nov-2013 Verified Rider "Would have been helpful to have the name and contact number of the firm providing the taxi on the confirmation - other than that fantastic service"
LINDA NICHOLS  on 06-Nov-2013 Verified Rider "Very happy with the service provided. Thank you."
C RODRIGUEZ  on 21-Oct-2013 Verified Customer "Great Service"
REVIEW PERSON  on 16-Sep-2013 Verified Customer "The price which i had booked on line is double the amount that would have paid if i did't book online rip off."
JANE CUSDIN  on 08-Sep-2013 Verified Rider "What happened to the MPV we requested? Blackcab sent instead, just managed to squeeze us all in but not happy, what is the point of a service that does not provide what was clearly requested? I would like our money back."
RUTH LOPRANG  on 07-Sep-2013 General Feedback "Booked an mpv with a baby seat but got a black cab. The driver didn't admit his mistake. We have to wait min if we insist the mpv. We have flight to catch so we have to take the cab. We also told him that the mpv price is higher than the black cab. He denied it and said that the normal price is higher. He also complained that we used lots of his time and we are late. It was a nasty ride. My baby keep bumping in the whole journey. Will not book from here again."
JANE CUSDIN  on 06-Sep-2013 Verified Rider "On time, clean cab and professional service, what more could you ask for? thanks."
LORAINE CHESHIRE  on 30-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "Excellent, hassle free, made sure I reached the station without any worries."
RUTH LOPRANG  on 28-Aug-2013 Verified Customer "error in register"
LEE JONES  on 21-Aug-2013 Verified Rider "v easy to book, v polite driver but he wasn't entirely sure where he was going got lost"
HARRY  on 30-Jun-2013 General Feedback "Great service, from the Bruce Sprinsteen Concert back to London. Other companies told us to flag one down. These guys made sure a driver picked us up despite the huge crowd at the end of the concert"
SAMPSON  on 29-Jun-2013 General Feedback "Too expensive for pensioner getting to and from hospital"
JOHN DOHERTY  on 08-Jun-2013 Verified Rider "The driver was very polite and on time "
MICK  on 06-May-2013 Verified Customer "excelent online service"
AMY O'SHEA  on 22-Jan-2013 Verified Rider "Surprised at how expensive to book online, and then even more surprised to be telephoned for directions to pickup location."
CHRIS KEMP  on 13-Dec-2012 Verified Customer "This is the easiest way to book a taxi."
JOAN SYMMONS  on 28-Nov-2012 General Feedback "We booked the BMW for our chief executive arriving at Heathrow Airport. The driver was on time, polite and knew where he was going. We will definitely be using you again."
DARREN COOKE  on 24-Nov-2012 General Feedback "Great service, I think this has been the most professional company we have used in Coventry. All our staff can book here and pay by company card and we get an emailed receipt. No more card receipts with different prices."
MRS JOAN WRIGHT  on 26-Sep-2012 Verified Rider "I tried to cancel the return journey as the taxi was no longer required. I called the number on the booking form 02476 170031. the no was unavailable I texted a message, I had no response and no other number to call. Unfortunatley the taxi driver made an unessassary journey. Am I still required to pay for the return journey as I did try to cancel you will have a text message to confirm this that was sent at 7.26pm last night. "
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